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Developer: Ammar Saeed

This game is from Intellijoy, where we (base on finishing one thing particularly well) in informative entertainments with the fun fused proper with them. Knowing the essentials and fundamental we made an item "Geometric Nursery Games" which is an application that contains geometric and 3D shapes and furthermore containing the ideal elements of undistracted data to help in holding the urgent and move shapes held up for offspring of 2 years to 7 years. This application fundamentally acts like a preschool for babies containing all the important fixings that are instructed in Montessori or Kindergarten.
This application basically acts like a preschool for toddlers containing all the necessary ingredients that are taught in Montessori or Kindergarten.
This application contains fundamental 2D geometric shapes (Square, Circle and triangle) and Basic 3D geometric shapes (Cube, Cylinder and Cone) for 2-7 years toddlers which helps the toddlers to solve math problems which are taught in Montessori and kindergarten. The 3D geometric shapes helps the toddlers by developing their interests in studies and math problems.
We have additionally given advanced 2D and propelled 3D shapes (pentagon, Hexagon, Rhombus, Parallelogram, Prism, Pyramid, Torus et cetera) for 4-8 years kids. These advanced shapes helps the children to develop their interest in the math problems and encourages kids to attempt more and it keeps their interest in the geometric shapes and math problems.
Other than the 2D and 3D geometric shapes we have various interesting and interactive activities like Flashcard. Flashcards cards are a basic, flexible, yet regularly under misused asset. I might want to offer a few explanations behind utilizing streak cards and a determination of exercises for use in the Young Learner classroom, albeit a portion of the exercises could likewise be utilized with carefree, bring down level grown-up classes. Flash Streak cards are an extremely convenient asset to have and can be valuable at each phase of the class.
The other interactive activities also include songs and nursery rhymes for toddlers which play a vital role in keeping kids interest in the application. Another interesting activity is the Drag and drop shapes. The toddlers can drag and drop the 2D and 3D geometrical shapes which are interesting and also helps in math problems. It is exceptionally straightforward movement, incorporates diverse levels of troubles. This action includes kids and urges them to endeavor more. It is dependably an intriguing action for children to drag and match the items. The drag and drop activity makes learning process for toddlers fun and effective.
Another interesting activity for toddlers in this application is the touch the shape activity. Sharing a super fundamental idea today: touch and feel shapes! This is immaculate to make for kids who are finding out about shapes, including their sentiment touch in learning system.
These kind of little activities in this application are to a great degree helpful for youthful youngsters. This application is perfect for showing shapes in kindergarten and Montessori review classes.
This application have many benefits for toddlers like it gives more motivation and peer positivity. Gives the toddlers mighty memory by playing with 2D and 3D geometric shapes which a kids remembers important details. It also keeps the kids to be alert and class cooperative.
Gives the toddlers new knowledge about geometric shapes and other various activities. All the basic and fundamental activities taught in kindergarten and Montessori are included in this app.
It’s free of cost and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new features also supports iPhone X.


Carefully selected animated shapes
Swipe and menu navigation
Choose any level at any time
Active and inactive music
Fascinating song slide
Drag and drop activity
Touch the object activities